This Treasure Trips adventure is in the development stage and will be available in 2002. A full itinerary, travel dates and cost will be included as the tour is finalized. In the interim please enjoy the "Highlights" of this tour as we sail through the fjords and see the most enveloping scenery aboard the Discovery.
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Barry Arm and Harriman Fjord— Some of the world's most spectacular scenery -- corridors of breathtaking beauty, sprawling glaciers and a panoramic skyline of mountain grandeur. Along the way, families of sea otters provide entertainment while they forage the Sound's shellfish-rich waters. Harbor seals hauled out on the flotillas of icebergs watch closely as the Discovery navigates the icy, blue waters of Barry Arm. The enveloping mountains of this inlet stretch skyward to nearly 10,000 feet, with glacier after glacier descending the terraced mountain valleys. Alaska's lush rainforest vegetation drapes the hillsides in green as streaming waterfalls fall from the rocky cliffs.

Meares Glacier— One of the world's few advancing glaciers. We'll pass huge old growth forests pushed over by the force of the marching glacier. A shore-side visit reveals a stunning panoramic view of the entire tidewater glacier terminus, with spontaneous calvings of huge chunks of ice into the sea.

Steller's Sea Lion Hangout—These entertainers put on quite a display; some show off their graceful water acrobatics, others roar and bellow, while others recline lazily upon the large rocky shore. On to the Sound's largest tidewater glacier! The expansive Columbia glacier meets the sea with a 300' high wall of ice that topples giant blue slabs into the bay. This active tidewater glacier, with its daunting size and mammoth sounds, offers a remarkable opportunity to experience firsthand the tremendous natural forces that move these giants of nature.

The Copper River Delta Region— Comprised of a broad mosaic of braided streams, marshes and tidal flats, this two million acre region hosts an abundance of resident wildlife and nesting waterfowl. The Delta's specific geographic location and the surrounding mountain topography provide a natural pathway for more than 20 million migratory birds. Opportunities abound to view the abundant wildlife that inhabits the area.

   In the summer, spawning salmon may be observed swimming in the streams. Bald eagles, trumpeter swans and dusky Canada geese nest and feed along the wetland areas. Binoculars are helpful in watching the bird life as well as aiding in spotting mountain goats that live on the adjacent mountainsides, and moose and bears that wander the food-rich environment.

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