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The Chyulu Hills —The extraordinary bio-diversity of the reserve allows one to experience very different and exciting excursions that will offer exposure to a wide variety of animal species and the beauty of the surroundings. Lakes, forests and hills are just a few of places to explore. In Chyulu Hills, the focus will be walking with the Maasai trackers, allowing us to observe animals from a very close yet safe distance. The Maasai tracker will enjoy sharing his knowledge of plants, animal behavior and footprints, and the Maasai traditions. We will also have the opportunity to walk in the rainforest with its incredible variety of trees, flowers and colorful birds, such as the Haurtlab turaco.

Loisaba Wilderness— Loisaba is situated in the heartland of the nomadic Samburu and Laikipia Maasai tribal communities. The time here will be spent exploring this vast wilderness with our team of traditional Samburu tribesmen whose knowledge of local flora, fauna, history and culture is unsurpassed. We will learn about the remarkable medicinal properties of the Makutikuti plant or listen to an ancient Samburu fable, while watching a hunting pride of lion. We will go on walking safari for a completely unique and personal way to experience Kenya.

The Maasai Mara— Few places in Africa, or on Earth, make such a nonchalant display of wildlife as animals are happily in habitat at every turn. You can stop your vehicles for a minute, or an hour if you wish, to watch an unconcerned cheetah stalk a kill, a pride of lion basking in their lionhood, or the fluttering, exuberant movement of gazelles. There is something wonderfully informative (and, even more important, heartlifting) about seeing these famous animals at home. This reserve is one of the only, quite possibly "the" only area left on earth where game is found in the same super-abundance as it existed a century ago.

Lake Manyara— a World Biosphere Reserve, is a feast of extremely varied landscapes, ranging from true tropical forest to dry thornbush. This will be your first opportunity to view hippo, bevies of which wallow near the lake. These implausible creatures--like so many of the continent's animals--seem familiar only at first glance, and then, as we quietly watch, they unconcernedly reveal themselves for the breathtakingly odd and intriguing beings they are.

Ngorongoro and Empakai Craters— Ngorongoro Crater boasts one hundred square miles richly populated with elephant, rhino, lion, wildebeest, buffalo, gazelle, zebra, and more, including a flamboyant flock of flamingos at home in the soda lake, Lake Magadi, on the crater's floor. Empakai Crater is located north of Ngorongoro where few other travelers have tread. hree mountains may be seen from one particular spot - Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and the active volcano, Ol Donyio Lengai, which means 'House of God' in the Maasai language.

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