Who Would Be Ideal Treasure Trip  Adventure Participants?
All energetic and curious travelers (minimum recommended age is 10) are welcome on the Treasure Trips adventures. These expeditions are designed for families and for individuals who find the curiosity of children to be inspiring. Such individuals, and parents, grandparents, and extended family members, will find these trips to be an experience of a lifetime. The experts at Geographic Expeditions have developed guidelines for what we look for in a traveler.

Flexibility—People who understand that real adventure can't be guaranteed. We make an extensive effort to hammer out every detail in advance, keep every trip absolutely on time, on place. We like hot water and modern plumbing, good food, and airlines that stick to schedules as much as anyone, but our kind of traveler understands that the further off the path you go, the less predictable your journey can be. And enjoys that simple fact.

Readers—Of our abundant pre-trip materials, of at least a little about the destination and how to prepare for it. We try to be extremely diligent in telling our clients just what conditions they'll likely encounter, but good travelers accept the responsibility to read our pre-departure materials, which cover history, lore, current conditions, include carefully pruned reading lists, and, often, articles and excerpts from hard-to-find books. We send a series of informational letters before departure, covering everything from medical advice to clothing lists to information on the trip leader, all of which needs to be read.


Realists—It would not be to anyone's benefit for us to tempt people to sign up for unsuitable trips. But in the end, the traveler is the only one who really knows if they would lose one's perspective when there's no hot water, if the skies are not always uncloudy, or the trail too steep.

Partners—To be more than an exercise in place-bagging, travel requires a positive, flexible attitude, and teamwork. Our trip leaders yearn for travel companions who'll not only work together in dealing with the unknown, but also share in the rewards of exploring remote lands and making new friends (we're proud that many lasting friendships are forged on our trips).